Hello Grammar, My Old Nemesis….

Anyone who’s looked at my old blog over the past five years will notice that I was an irregular poster at best. Anyone who’s looked at my blog ever will notice my grammar is not great. It isn’t that I don’t understand how language works. Really, it’s just that I’m lazy and hate proofreading. (THERE! I confessed!)

So why do I bring those two separate tidbits up? Well, I bring it up because I’m now working as a technical writer. This, for the most part, is awesome. It’s also terrifying.

See, I managed to sneak my way through college without ever editing anything seriously. My teachers would hand back grades that mostly ignored the grammar mistakes and focused on the content (which, by the way, is awesome).

But now it’s my job to write correctly. Yikes! Luckily, I have coworkers and editors who look over my work to help me figure out where my grammatical weaknesses are. My biggest offender?

The comma splice. I am a huge fan of the comma splice.

Unfortunately, my company’s style guide disagrees. So does grammar in general, I know, but I’m more concerned with the style guide.

Long story short, I have to make an editing checklist and go over that baby all the time. Maybe I’ll even start using it for blog posts, who knows?

What’s your grammatical sin of choice? Are you a big fan of the comma splice? Dangling participles? Improper conjunction?


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