Writing Update Wednesday

It’s rainy in Wisconsin!

Professional writing update: It’s been a long few weeks getting used to the new job, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Verify, not validate. Configure, not set up. We don’t use semicolons unless absolutely necessary. Bulleted lists are our friends. White space, white space, white space.

Personal writing update: It’s autumn in the Midwest, and oh-so-beautiful. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel on and off again (it’s a very tumultuous relationship), but recently I’ve been in the mood for some poetry and lyric essays. It’s just that kind of season.

How about you? What’s your writing update?


2 thoughts on “Writing Update Wednesday

  1. I’m glad the new job is going well! I completely agree about semicolons. They’re pretty much ridiculous.

    My writing? Erm… I keep receiving invitations to contribute to anthologies I can’t possibly squeeze in. That’s a complement, right? Three more publishing deadlines before the end of the year. It can be done!


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