When Did Life Get So Busy?

When I graduated college, I thought to myself, “Finally! I’ll have some time to read and write!”

Go on, laugh. I’ll wait.

It’s not that I have less time now than I did before. I have more time. I just also have more things to fill it with.

This really hit me last night, when there was a midnight release of a game I’ve been waiting on for several months. I didn’t play it last night (sleep is important!) and I won’t get to play it tonight either. I have commitments. Tomorrow night is also a no-go, since I go straight to help lead youth group from work. Thursday? Nope. Meeting a friend for dinner. Friday? Not then either – my girls from youth group are in a musical.

When did I get so busy? Why did I get so busy? It’s not like I have a husband or kids to take care of. It’s just me, and there’s not enough time.

So in short: married people, how do you do it? Mothers and fathers, how do you do it? Single people with more time-management skills than I have, how do you do it? How do you find the time to write, when actual life is so demanding?


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