The Beauty of the Incomplete Story

“The whole world is moving, and I’m standing still.”

I have watched this video over a dozen times just today. I don’t remember the first time I saw it, but I remember the seconds slowing down. Even now, I can’t watch it without burning up inside. This is painful art.

There’s so much here – the obvious grief in the music, the simplicity of the art – but what gets me every time is the story. It frustrates me to no end, and here’s why: I don’t know what the artist is saying. I don’t know the literal story he was drawing. I don’t know the purpose. I don’t know the point. Just when I think I might know, it slips past me.

Can’t relate? Watch it again, this time approaching it from the girl’s point of view. It’s a completely different feeling. Watch it again, try to grab onto the story. It slips through your fingers.

It isn’t that there’s no way to interpret the meaning; it’s that there’s too many. There are too many reflections to pick just one. The artist has, in a very real way, disappeared from his own art.



3 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Incomplete Story

  1. I’m very familiar with the song (The Weepies is one of my favorite bands) so to me it made sense, but the end was a bit of a twist—somewhere, the missing girl is missing him, too. I had never thought about that.


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