Winter Storm Warnings!

Oh boy, here it comes! My first real Wisconsin snow-storm. Travel is not advised and my workplace has sent out emails advising everyone to prepare to work from home tomorrow. So you know what that means?

That means I’m going to the grocery store tonight to stock up on hot chocolate and cookies! (Also water and granola bars for my car, in case I need to drive somewhere and get stuck).

Maybe I should also stop by the library and grab a book or two… hmm…

What would you stock up on before a snow day? Cookies? Hot cocoa? Non-perishables?


2 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warnings!

  1. TEA. And candles/matches/scotch/blankets/batteries/flashlights, because I like being warm. If there’s any chance the power might go out, I want a sterno can or something to heat water. Tea is not optional.

    Clean clothes. Bathtub full of water. Jugs of drinking water.

    Paper. Pens. Knitting. Food that does not necessarily need to be refrigerated or cooked, again in case the power goes out. But also warm comfort food, because cookies on a snow day are delightful.


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