When Did Life Get So Busy?

When I graduated college, I thought to myself, “Finally! I’ll have some time to read and write!”

Go on, laugh. I’ll wait.

It’s not that I have less time now than I did before. I have more time. I just also have more things to fill it with.

This really hit me last night, when there was a midnight release of a game I’ve been waiting on for several months. I didn’t play it last night (sleep is important!) and I won’t get to play it tonight either. I have commitments. Tomorrow night is also a no-go, since I go straight to help lead youth group from work. Thursday? Nope. Meeting a friend for dinner. Friday? Not then either – my girls from youth group are in a musical.

When did I get so busy? Why did I get so busy? It’s not like I have a husband or kids to take care of. It’s just me, and there’s not enough time.

So in short: married people, how do you do it? Mothers and fathers, how do you do it? Single people with more time-management skills than I have, how do you do it? How do you find the time to write, when actual life is so demanding?


My Little List of Grammar

I’ve never been what you would call an organized writer. Plotting doesn’t come easily to me, and neither does editing. Now that I’m a technical writer, a lot of those organizational things are no longer optional. I can’t be an impulsive writer, at least while I’m at work!

So what’s the solution? My little list of grammar! It’s just a sticky note I keep on my computer that reminds me of my worst writing sins. That way, when I go over my work, I know exactly what to look for.

9-29-2015 7-03-41 AM

Now that’s for technical writing – obviously I’d have a bit different of a list when it came to my fiction. Maybe next week I’ll post an updated version! 🙂

What about you? What would your little list of grammar look like? (also, bonus points if you spot the grammar mistake in my little list!)

Leaving a Story Behind

Yesterday I made an incredibly difficult decision. After six years – six – of working with and struggling through an idea, I shelved a story.

Some quick background: I started this story freshman year of college. I never plot things out thoroughly, so I just wrote.

Long story short: I had to rewrite about 40,000 words. During those 40,000 words, I found I had to rewrite the previous 10,000 words. On and on it went, until six years later when I started a clean draft, keeping everything else as reference text.

Then there was yesterday. After staring at the screen in frustration for about 20 minutes, I resigned myself to the inevitable. I needed distance. A lot of distance.

So I shelved it.

It’s difficult, but mostly I’m just relieved. Which kind of makes me feel guilty.

Did you ever have to shelf something that just wasn’t working? What helped you? Any and all advice appreciated!