Waking Up

12f9ecc66274339ffe0e0a82a2873ca6On the day I got back to myself, I’d forgotten who she was. I’ve settled back into my skin with comfort and unfamiliarity. This is not the body I’d left. Age and sickness have taken their told. I’m heavier; I bear the marks of new medications, of alcohol, of sitting and sitting and going days without taking a step. But like a repainted house, the shapes of things are still the same. I find, to my astonishment, that I can still find way around in the dark.


It’s strange to tell yourself hello, especially after such a long absence. But the remarkable feeling is one of peace. I might leave again—god knows it could happen. But now I know the truth. I’ll be waiting for me. And when I’m back, I’ll have the joy of rediscovery. You never have to find yourself alone.


In My Home Town…

For those of you who don’t know my life story, I’m a recently displaced young professional (if you want to insert sarcastic quotation marks around the world professional, go ahead). I’m working in the lovely state of Wisconsin. Madison is debatably the friendliest city I’ve ever lived in, and the weather is an adventure from start to finish. But it’s different – so very different – than my home state.

2-9-2016 7-46-48 AM

When I journeyed through France, I missed America, but I didn’t miss being American. I still was American. But now, as a permanent resident of Wisconsin, I don’t legally belong to Washington anymore. If I travel to Texas and some asks, “Where ya’ll from?” I would answer “Wisconsin, dontcha know.”

(Accent stereotypes are fun!)

So why do I feel the need to identify with my home state so strongly? Why do I come to work decked out in Seahawk gear – more than I ever wore at home – and why do I feel the need to brag about how I have coffee running through my veins instead of blood? I don’t think it’s empirically better to be from Washington than Wisconsin, and I don’t even necessarily plan on moving back.

You know what I think it is? I just really, really love my home state.


Winter Storm Warnings!

Oh boy, here it comes! My first real Wisconsin snow-storm. Travel is not advised and my workplace has sent out emails advising everyone to prepare to work from home tomorrow. So you know what that means?

That means I’m going to the grocery store tonight to stock up on hot chocolate and cookies! (Also water and granola bars for my car, in case I need to drive somewhere and get stuck).

Maybe I should also stop by the library and grab a book or two… hmm…

What would you stock up on before a snow day? Cookies? Hot cocoa? Non-perishables?